Latest Brian Linehan Actors Award announced


Patti Allan (above) won the $1,000 Brian Linehan Actors Award for her work in Mimi and Me, in the latest round of the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

Comments from the NSI Online Short Film Festival jury:

Sonya Davidson, Channel Zero: “Patti Allan stood out as this unconventional character. Her performance is engaging, hilarious and, yet, believable as this foul-mouthed, chain-smoking grandmother.”

Karilynn Thompson, Calgary International Film Festival: “Patti Allan plays a very unique grandma with a gruff and well-acted lack of tact. You can just feel the years of cigarette stained fingers, poker and booze but, also shining though, a love for her granddaughter.”

Terry Miles, filmmaker: “Patti Allan stood out for her dynamic performance, moving from beat to beat and moment to moment with perfection.”

Patti Allan said:

It’s so inspiring that NSI honours filmmaking in such an active and significant way. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been cast by our amazing director, Marly Reed, and am so very happy that her obvious talent, skill and storytelling have been recognized.

Actors can often feel isolated and insecure in our roles and this kind of acknowledgement is extremely uplifting. Thank you to Brian for his visionary desire to inspire and encourage people. What a truly amazing value and legacy to have left us very fortunate recipients.

Patti was also nominated for a Leo award for her work in this film. Audiences will recognize her for her work in Ramona and Beezus, Good Boy!, Dead Like Me and Cold Squad, among other roles.

Watch Mimi and Me

Mimi & Me from Marly Reed on Vimeo.

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